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My journey as a vegetarian

This is the start of new blog series on becoming a vegetarian.

My journey started 2 years ago after the discovery that my son did not like meat just as much as me. I was concerned about essential vitamins and minerals obtained from meat, as well as our protein content. I soon discovered that getting these essentials was easy as long as I combined meals correctly. Certain vitamins such as B12 which can't be sourced from plant based food was taken as a supplement.

The first few weeks presented challenging as the digestion and gut bacteria changed, causing some discomfort for a few month. I maintained eating fish on occasion and even increased my variety of fish.

Along side this vegetarian lifestyle I have also maintained a limited intake of dairy, cheese on occasion being the only vice. Since the start of this journey I have experimented and lowered my gluten intake as well.

Continue to follow my blogs and I take you on a journey of discovery and experimenting into allergy free living, healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism. With many tips and hints to come.

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