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Healing man best friend

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The week blog is all about your dog, as dogs just like us need extra healing attention sometimes.

Homeopathy is not just for human but can be used on anything that lives including your plants.

I dont know much about using homeopathy on pesticides and saving your plants, but animals are a little easier to treat.

Maybe you recently rescued your dog from a bad situation and due to there past experience they have anxiety or other health concerns on an emotional and.or physical level.

Some health problem dogs might be facing

1. Anxiety ( thunderstorms, your leaving the home, driving in a car, other dogs)

2. Aggressive behaviour ( biting, jumping, other pets)

3. skin infections or allergies (grass)

4. cystitis

5. flea infestation

6. Worming or worms

7. arthritis or muscle problems

Homeopathy is given in a similar way to animals as it is to humans. Some remedies that may be helpful include:

Sulphur 30- For flea infestations or to prevent fleas in a more natural way given internally. externally you could combine a essential oil spray if required of peppermint and citronella.

Grass 12c- helpful to densenitise against grass allergies using the "same heal same" theory of isopathy I normally then add a acute remedy like graphitis or apis depending on the symptom of the allergy.

Worming - this would be a combination mix of a few different remedies if a prevention and different if infection is prevent.

Cantharis - A good cystitis remedy but always look at symptoms to match the remedy.

When we look at aggression or anxiety a constitutional remedy will be required, which required a look at all the symptoms and personality of your dog some common ones I have used include Arsenicum, Theridon, Phos, Tarantula.

Of course it's not just dogs that can be treated homoeopathically other animals benefit from homeopathy also.

Consult for animals only take 15-30mins and includes the remedy in the cost, done over the phone.

call 07 3886 3748

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