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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Recently I was privileged to go and sit in a seminar at the Australian Homeopathic Conference and listen to Jill Turland as she explained her research on mega-potencies in homeopathy.

Homeopathy if you don’t already know has been around for about 250 years. It was discovered by Samael Hahnemann who used a theory that was around for many 1000 of years before that. He believed we all have the capability to heal one’s self, if the body and mind make us sick then they should be able to make us better. Homeopathy does exactly that, it triggers the body to address the cause of the issue. For example, in a cold, it may trigger your immune system to fight off the bacteria or virus. We have over 4000 homeopathic preparations and we match the one you need to your current state of health. Homeopathy is used around the world by over 100 million people as their main source of health care.

But Homeopathy is so much more than just for the physical and emotional essence of health as it has a spiritual essence to it as well, and I have seen it awaken people in a deeper understanding about themselves even in constitutional therapy using normal potencies.

This is why Jill’s seminar was so amazing to me as it was confirmation that homeopathy can be used to unlock the deepest essence of you that is holding you back. After the conference I was so excited I bought her book and read and re-read the remedies over and over. Trying to work out which one I was.

Unless you have a great awareness of yourself it very difficult to work out your own remedy. I have to admit I was also scared it try it, so I used my partner as a Guinee pig (with his permission of course). What I saw after three days was amazing, he had let go of the past disappointments that were holding him back and suddenly had a new understanding of himself and his journey.

Know I really wanted to try it so here I am day two and I feel amazing (yes, I finally worked out which remedy I was). I have energy, motivation, no pain or tension in my muscles and feel more confident in myself.

Now mega high potencies will not be for everyone, sometimes you have to use constitutional homeopathic to take off the first few layers and work with the current health of the body and once you are ready to unlock the deeper restrictions of self are you ready for a mega-potency.

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