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Boosting immunity

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

That time of year has already started with cold and flu's and some of you may have already had the first one of the season.

We all get sick form time to time even with a normally strong immune system, most of the time it happens after a period of high stress or emotional processing. Sometimes it a matter of letting go of something and going through a period of personal growth. Whatever the cause there are natural ways to manage overcoming a cold or flu.

I conduct monthly homeopathic kit course that discuss ways of overcoming there condition quickly and effectively with homeopathy.

In this blog however we are going to touch on the ways to stay healthy emotionally and physically so that we don't get sick and if we do we are able to over come that illness quickly.

Travel on aircraft - always have your Homeopathic Anas barb before, during and after all flights to prevent flu's, if a flight is longer then take more often. Can also be taken overseas once a day for prevention. This will prevent a flu only not a cold.

Echinacea: Echinacea is a herb used for immune boosting and has been used for centuries with a lot of very positive research in its ability to boost the immune system. Great for prevention and to help overcome a cold.

Pomegranate: A new tincture on the market but used for hundreds of years for its antimicrobial action. Research shows a very strong antibacterial and anti viral effect on a large number of pathogens. It also has beneficial effect on probiotic in the gut bacteria meaning it may also be beneficial in food poisoning.

immune booster

It due to this that I have created my immune booster for the winter months available from the clinic or ordered directly through me. The product contains both echinacea and pomegranate.

Vitamin C - Good old vitamin c, I don't think I need to touch on this much expect to say make sure you get a really good quality vitamin c as this will be more beneficial and work more effectively.

Vitamin D- Also a very important vitamin for the immune system especially for those who get upper respiratory concerns each time they become sick. We get much less Vitamin D during winter due to being inside more and not out in the sun. Its important to get outdoor when you can or supplement children with cod liver oil a natural vitamin D source. You to can take a cod liver oil capsule or a vitamin D capsule.

Prebiotic - The food for probiotics, more important then probiotic unless you are replacing or needing probiotic due to digestive issues or recent antibiotic use. Prebiotic are more important then your probiotic for maintaining a good immune system. They are the food that feeds your natural good bacteria and helps you establish good cultures in your gut. Prebiotic included any fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, kraut, miso, apple cider vinegar, garlic and onion.

A healthy high plant based diet : What you eat is extremely important for a good healthy immune system. Diets high in sugar and processed foods will cause a lower immune system as the body is receiving less vitamins and minerals. Sugar also feeds bacteria so once sick it will take longer to recover as you continue to feed the bacteria. The gut is where 80% of our immune lies and with a high processed and sugar type diet the gut will be unhealthy and naturally have a lower immune system. So eating a healthy high plant based diet full of fresh fruit, veg and natural low gluten or gluten free gains such as quinoa will produce much better gut health and in turn a healthier immune system.

Meditation: Keeps the mind healthy and the body in a stress free zone even when there is high stress in your life. It enable to you come back to the present moment, to relax the body and mind and reduce your adrenal gland over production which can be a factor in lowered immunity. Doing meditation daily for at least 5-10 mins on most day will help main a good immune system and state of mind.

Fresh air- Its important not to get copped up in the house when it get colder but to get some fresh air and go for a walk, be out in nature, bush walk or hike. This will help in so many ways to keep your healthy.

Hopefully this helped give you some ideas on helping to boost the immune system and keep your immune system healthy and ready for the winter months ahead.

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