Homeopathy is gentle and natural it can be used along side other medication and treatment. Homeopathy is a great tool to have before, during and after the birthing progress. It's easy to learn and is best done so with your birthing partner such as the father, a parent or doula who will be able to give remedies as required during the more intense moment of birth. 


provide Private sessions with you and your birthing partner to teach you:

  • What homeopathy is 

  • How to use it during the birthing process

  • Which remedies to use and when

  • How they can support you in reducing pain, recover and assisting the all aspect of pregnancy and birth.

  • what dosages to give and how often. 

  • What remedies may assist in the beginning of baby's new life, for the first 100 days. 


Session go for 2 hrs from the clinic at North lakes


To book a session call on 0412190114 


The online course is also available at https://www.udemy.com/homeopathy-in-childbirth/learn/v4/overview


Kits are made to order and for sale at $110 including a booklet with detail on how to use during birth. Most remedies can be used after for everyday ailments. 



Pregnant Woman in Nature

Birthing and Pregnancy with Homeopathy