Detoxification in the 21st century  

This is unlike any other detox, our body naturally detox from everyday toxins through the liver and kidneys and there is no need to detox from your everyday toxin unless you have had a large period of time drinking, taking drug or eating fatty foods.  But what the body has trouble detoxing is heavy metals found within our environment as these are so toxic to the body and we are bombard with them, the body doesn't have the capability to detox from heavy metal such as Aluminium, Copper (also beneficial to the body in small amounts), silver, cadmium, lead, Mercury etc

The body transfers these toxin into the bile in our gallbladder and distributes the excess into the fat cells over time this can cause health problems, tiredness, an inability to lose weight and much more below are just some of the few complaints. 

A lack of certain vitamins and minerals can be one of the causes for high toxic load, as can a leaky gut or a disturbed digestive system that is not functioning correctly. 

The oligoscan is able to detect the heavy metals and mineral deficiency  within the body and only take a few second get the results. Painless and easy. Can be done on kids as young as 2 years old. 

A detox of heavy metals takes time as the body first has to release the toxins slowly from the fat cells, muscles and bones. It is important to do this safely and the correct way. 


What can be the complaints of heavy metal toxicity?


low sperm count

hyperactivity / ADHD


Hypothyroid conditions 

trouble losing weight 

Migraines and headaches

Autoimmune diease

Skin conditions

low immunity or immune compromised 

tiredness and fatigue

malnutrition or nutrition absorption issues   

How does the Detox work ?

The detox and what I use depend entirely on the results, a combination of single mineral may be needed, chelation therapy is always used either homoeopathically or through a chelation product. Gut healing might be required for elimination.  

Constitutional homeopathic are almost always given. 

Everything I do its tailer to the person and their individual symptoms, test result and needs at the time. The oligoscan is conducted as part of an Initial or follow up consultation. 

What is an Oligoscan ?

The oligoscan is a device develop in Germany that detect trace elements with your tissues through spectrophotometry or wavelength of the mineral and metals in the body. This method is used often in chemistry and medicine. Comprehensive studies that have been done using the oligoscan and biology testing match with the same results.

Its painless and I use the left hand to scan using the device which is connected to the database, it then bring up the result and we access it there and then in the consults. 

Book a consult call 0412190114 or booking online. 

Cost for scan $95 (If part of an intial or follow ups consult )

I also offer oligoscan to other practitioners for their patients, the result are sent to your practitioner with an overview of results,  price for just the scan and overview of results is $130. This take about 15-30 mins can be booked online or by calling. 

Why not test your toxicity?- both pages required.