Crystal Bottles and glasses

To purchase call Sarah on 0412190114  or email. Can pick up from clinic or be shipped for $8

Sarah has different crystal bottle at different times depending on what has been ordered. 

Best to email or call to see what is in stock. 

Crystal water Bottle 500ml glass bottle with sleeve, stainless steal top and bottom or rose gold, natural crystal. 


Cost $65 each 

Tea infuser bottle can also be used as a water bottle with special glass that can become hot. Crystal are at the bottom and can be replace for different ones. Crystal do not touch the water. 

Cost $65 each

Crystal water glass 400ml

 $50 each or 2 for $90



They came in different crystals and have a protective sleeve that comes with it. 

Black obsidian : To protect against negative energy 

Clear Quartz : For healing of physical, spiritual and emotional. 

Rose Q: unconditional love 

Amethyst : For stress relief and calming 

Fluorite : For stress and protection from negative energy 

Citrine : abundance and Happiness